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Technology of Automobile Engineering Cum Information Technology Contractors (TechAutoMobiT) e.Virtual Services - Delivering of verified spare parts - Pre owned Cars Consultancy by Certified Engineers - - Automotive basic Request Counseling in order to attend by Professional Attendant, minimum service ticket charges will be Rs.3,200/-,  prior payable @ Net Banking Account at your own interest. - Pay by Net Bank - PayPal - Appreciate to the Good Customers. 

#01. As Engineering Professional targeted and aiming to make special efforts in Mechatronics, Mobile Home Four Wheeler Luxury in integration of IT, GPS as fully loaded and to establish Educational AutoMobiT SchoolsTechnology of Automobile Engineering cum Information Technology - "TechAutoMobiT".  Mechatronics is a "multidisciplinary" field of science that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering and control engineering. As technology advances, the sub fields of engineering multiply and adapt. Mechatronics' aim is a design process that unifies these sub fields. Originally, mechatronics just included the combination of mechanics and electronics, hence the word is a combination of mechanics and electronics; however, as technical systems have become more and more complex the definition has been broadened to include more technical areas. " Aiming  to serve at Society as a literately moderate with ethics ". All we are sources of  ways and means at nature of our Nano’s life.

#02. Mechanical modeling calls for modeling and simulating physical complex phenomenon in the scope of a multi-scale and multi-physical approach. This implies to implement and to manage modeling and optimization methods and tools, which are integrated in a systemic approach. The specialty is aimed at students in mechanics who want to open their mind to systems engineeringand able to integrate different physics or technologies, as well as students in mechatronics who want to increase their knowledge in optimization and multidisciplinary simulation technics. The specialty educates students in robust and/or optimized conception methods for structures or many technological systems, and to the main modeling and simulation tools used in R&D. Special courses are also proposed for original applications (multi-materials composites, innovating transducers and actuators, integrated systems, …) to prepare the students to the coming breakthrough in the domains covering the materials and the systems. For some mechatronic systems, the main issue is no longer how to implement a control system, but how to implement actuators. Within the mechatronic field, mainly two technologies are used to produce plus movement/motion.
A Complete Vision :-
#03. Application
#04. Machine vision
#05. Automation and robotics
#06. Servo-mechanics
#07. Sensing and control systems
#08. Automotive engineering, automotive equipment in the design of subsystems such as anti-lock braking systems Computer-machine controls, such as computer driven machines like CNC milling machines, CNC waterjets, and CNC plasma cutters
#09. Expert systems
#10. Industrial goods
#11. Consumer products
#12. Mechatronics systems
#13. Medical mechatronics, medical imaging systems
#14. Structural dynamic systems
#15. Transportation and vehicular systems
#16. Mechatronics as the new language of the automobile

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To keep you cool in hot-weather driving, “TechAutomobiT” offers "#Branded Original Verified” Equipment and premium aftermarket Professional Air Conditioning Parts. Built to fit most “#leading branded” vehicles on the road today, “TechAutoMobiT” provided Air Conditioning Parts include a complete range of components, from accumulators, blower motors, compressors and condensers, to filters, evaporators and engine cooling motors. “#TechAutoMobiT” provided  Air Conditioning Parts are manufactured using the latest technology to deliver the reliability and durability expected of “TechAutoMobiT”. On a hot day, there’s nothing like a cool rush of air. Make sure that refreshing air keeps flowing, even on the hottest days, with service provided “TechAutoMobiT” Air Conditioning Parts. Some kind of visionary facts of past as follows:-
The 1940 Packard was the first car to offer factory-installed air-conditioning.
By 1969, more than half of all new cars sold were equipped with A/C.
Some brands affixed window decals to promote their air-conditioned automobiles.
For cars not equipped with factory air, dealer-installed, under-dash units were popular.
In a 1971 front-page story, the New York Times implicated air-conditioning in the death of the convertible, postulating that: “In the age of air-conditioning, real air has lost its value.”
After the freon used in A/C units was blamed for depleting the ozone layer, automakers were required to switch from R12 to the less harmful R134a refrigerant by 1996.
Dual-zone automatic climate control allows for separate temperature settings for driver and passenger; some cars have additional zones for rear-seat passengers.
Volkswagen calls its manual air-conditioning system “Climatic;” automatic A/C is “Climatronic.”
Today, more than 99 percent of all new cars are air-conditioned.
There’s no A/C in base versions of the Chevrolet Aveo; Honda Civic; Hyundai Accent and Elantra; Jeep Wrangler; Kia Forte and Rio; Mazda 3; Mitsubishi Lancer; Nissan Versa; and Toyota Tacoma.

Testing by Consumer Reports found that using a car’s air-conditioner resulted in a more than 3-mpg loss at highway speeds. Driving with the windows open had no measurable effect on fuel economy.

#AUTO PARTS "TechAutoMobiT" deals with:-
#Air Conditioning    #Alternators & Car Starters    #Belts and Hoses    #Brakes     #Car Batteries      #Chassis  Emission Control    #Filters    #Fuel Pumps     #Ignition & Switche    #Shocks & Struts     #Sparks Plugs     #Steering & Drive Products     #Thermostats & Caps    #Tire Pressure Monitoring System     #Transfer Cases     #Vehicle Maintenance     #Water Pumps    #Window Regulator     #Wiper Products #Wire & Cable.
    Knowledge is Power  -   Power is Time   -  Time is Money  -  Money (Nature's wealth)  is  Management; makes many things like Community Development Centers (Meditational Prayer in sourcing to life path, First Aid, Guide to Youth), Establishing of Educational Centers, Business, Industries, Poverty and Old Age Rehabilitation Centers as satisfaction to us and Society, do develop the knowledge till last breath of life, useful also as heavenly breath after the last breath, do you like being a part of Solar's fire energy, !!!., be transparent.

"TechAutoMobiT" Knowledge Is Power car-care seminar teaches consumers about vehicle maintenance and routine care. It empowers participants with the vital knowledge needed to make car-care decisions and troubleshoot minor problems. From advice on how to effectively communicate with your auto technician to important safety hints and defensive driving tips, Knowledge Is Power can help you feel more confident at the auto repair shop and behind the wheel and saves the life at driving.

AC Refrigerant: Summertime A/C trouble isn’t cool. To be effective, your vehicle’s air conditioning system must cool, dehumidify, and circulate the air within the inside of your vehicle. These basic functions are essential for optimal passenger comfort. AutoZone offers high-quality, do-it-yourself A/C products, including all-in-one refrigerant recharge kits, stop leak, oil products and additives – everything you need to repair and maintain your air conditioning system.

Automotive A/C systems are closed systems that are subject to harsh weather and damaging road conditions. Your A/C has plenty of places for refrigerant leaks to occur in metal components like the condenser, evaporator, accumulator or receiver / drier, as well as in the rubber components; hoses, O-rings, gaskets. The refrigerant, R-134a, in your vehicle’s system only gets lower because the system has developed a small leak which, over time, causes you to feel warmer air blowing from the vents. In most cases, this can be cured by adding a refrigerant with a proven stop leak additive and O-ring conditioner to prevent refrigerant from leaking out further. Our A/C products fit all makes and models both domestic and import so all your needs are covered.

Pre owned : can contact for set of Wheels, Chassis, Engine, Tyres, Body with seats.
Currently available: <=800cc of capacity;
Chasis     - 1 No.
Wheels   - Two Set with tyre and tube.
Engine    - 1 No.
Body      - 1 No.

The published offers are for indefinite time, e.virtual services can contact by e.mail with full details Name as per identical witness (Aadhaar, Ration Card, Voter's ID, Driving License), Address, Mobile Number, , also "TechAutoMobiT" facilitates as substituted, Computer Aided design for Body Building  and execution of Body Building Contracts.

How is Today ? Wishing for the ... Best.  
TechAutoMobiT dedication to safety, quality and continuous improvement ensure the highest quality. And our  footprint provides us with the ability to deliver batteries to our customers wherever and whenever they may need them.
TechAutoMobiT take care before to supply  by considering the norms like, flooded 12 volt batteries are engineered to support the electrical demands of today’s vehicles, providing reliable starting power time and time again in the most demanding climate conditions, which delivers the following benefits:
Structurally strong: PowerFrame patented grid technology is up to 66 percent more durable and corrosion-resistant than other grid designs.
Patterned for power: The PowerFrame grid design provides superior cranking power with up to 70 percent better electrical flow than other grid technologies.
Clean construction: PowerFrame manufacturing uses 20 percent less energy and produces 20 percent fewer greenhouse gases than other manufacturing methods.
All of these features — combined with superior safety, quality and our recycling system — allow us to offer high-performing, environmentally friendly products to the customer, place an order by e.mail in prior to face the issue of old batteries, TechAutoMobiT will help in facilitating to supply the accurate brand with a discount price.
Also facilitates different type of Batteries:-
Inverter Battery
Lead acid battery
Solar battery
Traction battery
Auto battery
Motorcycle battery
SMF Battery
Standby Power Batteries
VRLA battery
HI power batteries
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